Thursday, February 25, 2010

Australia holiday_Melbourne

On the way to The Twelve Apostles, which are located along the spectacular Great Ocean Road. The Twelve Apostles are giant rock that rise majestically from the Southern Ocean and are the central feature of the rugged Port Campbell National Park.

The images taken are under very cloudy environment and the worst was it is drizzling every now and then. Sunrise and sunset offer some great views as the Twelve Apostles change several colours from dark in shadow to brilliant sandy yellow under a full sun.

But, unfortunately it was a cloudy day. :(

Monday, February 22, 2010

Australia holiday_part II

Sunset at Darwin

This sunset was captured minutes after the plane, taking off at Darwin international airport in the evening about 6. This was on the way back to Singapore from Melbourne via Darwin international airport.

Unlike the originating flight, the return trip was more comfortable as the departure from Melbourne was afternoon flight at 1:55pm local time. The airbus A320 touch down the Singapore soil at 9:55pm local time. Of course there is time lapse and nevertheless I am happily back home safely.

Here is the another sunset along the way back to Singapore, taken from the airplane.

Departure from Singapore to Brisbane, was in the late evening 10pm via Darwin also, so I manage to capture some sunrise images, which I posted in my previous post. Arrived Darwin early in the morning 4 am Darwin std time and continue to Brisbane at 6 am. Brisbane was cloudy and drizzling upon arrival at about 10am. I am very disappointed with the weather, yeah you know I am a camera man (By the way, my wife was very jealous with my buddy, the Canon 450D as I always taking care of my camera and those pictures I took). However, in the second day in Brisbane I manage to take some beautiful Brisbane photos and I will post it soon. The trip to Australia was really exciting, not only because of the backpacker's budget trip but also the delay of the departure flight. I hope you know the budget holiday trip; I get the cheapest airline, cheapest hostel (not hotel)with my huge backpack but several places with my favorite Rebel XSI.

The same sunset but it was zoomed in.

Supposedly the departure time is at 10 pm, it was delayed for one hour and took off at 11 pm. It scheduled to arrive Darwin at 4 am and the flight to Brisbane was 6am. So I suppose to have two hours transit time, it was pretty enough. But, now the arrival to Brisbane was 5 instead of 4 am. I was really worried as I only have one hour for my connecting flight to Brisbane. One of the disadvantages of the budget flight is I have to collect the luggage at Darwin international airport as I was taking two different flights.

wow, we miss Singapore airline A380. :)

It was not sunset but the evening sun was covered by the cloud and you could see the ocean below. Seem like the plane was directing toward the sun and this is the best I could take through the window.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Australia holiday_part I

Jetstar (JQ) Airbus A320-200 in the sky.

Budget travel to Australia

The A320 can carry about 180 passengers and offers the reasonably wide cabin. It is a proven and reliable aircraft with low operating costs.

The very first stop was Brisbane via Darwin international airport.

I managed to capture this sunrise minutes after taking off at Darwin international airport.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Entrance of Chinese Garden, Edited Version

Edited version of the Chinese Garden Entrance. I crop this image from the original one The crops were made to the left and right by the lions and on top above the red lanterns suggested by a pro photographer.