Sunday, November 7, 2010

Singapore skyine

That was a very cloudy moment when I took this photo but fortunately manage to get this colorful sunset under the cloudy sky. The view was fantastic and like a painting. It started to rain after this. In fact I wanted to take the marina sands opposite the esplanade, the theater on the bay. But the atmosphere was not so attractive to photograph. If you are interested in sunset photography, travel to the tip of Singapore like East Coast or Changi Beach, this place is highly recommended.

I deliberately underexposed it by setting the exposure 1/3 down. This produced a far more desirable result with various and deeper colors.

I enjoy nature photography as well as sunset, sunrise, landscape and night photography. Before sunset the gradually changing light make interesting and beautiful sky as the sun sinks into the horizon. Taking sunset pictures could be challenging but also very rewarding experience. But, guys, do remember, the sun never sinks into the horizon in Singapore but instead its disappears behind the high rises. :)

Hope you enjoy reading my post and your Constructive Comments Make my Photographs Better.