Sunday, April 17, 2011

Woodlands Waterfront

Woodlands waterfront at the north of Singapore, a beautiful spot for landscape photographers to capture the sunset photography as well as the link bridge between Singapore and Malaysia.

There's a bus stop, service 856 along the main Admiralty Road West, from there walk ahead for 5 minutes and you will see a traffic light, then turn left to the waterfront. Service 856 starts form Woodlands regional bus interchange and exactly 11 stops to reach there, it takes about 20 minutes.

In the evenings, families and friends can enjoy the scenic view of the entire coastal park and experience a very wonderful evening breeze.

You may like to explore more of the seascape photography by clicking the title "Woodlands Waterfront" or here.


London Caller said...

Is that JB?
I haven't seen it for a while...

Sure, come and see my Rome pictures.
I took some 6,000 pictures there!
But I am very random - don't know when I'm post them. Ha!

London Caller said...

No, salmon rolls.
It's purely vegetarian.
I think the best Japanese buffets can be found in Singapore.
Here in London, it's overpriced and so-so only...

betchai said...

what a very beautiful reflection shot, light nights on water always give a beautiful skyline pictures.

Nieves said...

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