Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bridge over Singapore River

“Constructive comments make better photographs”
Again, this is one of my best night photography and I really love this one. The size is large with very low noise and I frame it in a very simple and clear manner as my own style. The image is best viewed in full zoom and perfect for desktop background if you like it.
The picture was taken on June 2006 at Singapore river side, which is already three years old photograph. Taken with a point and shoot digital camera, Casio, supported by a tripod with 15 seconds of shutter speed. As you can see this one is far more better than some of my other photos taken with my favorite Rebel XSi. Tripod is a must for night photography. :)
It was named "Singapore River" with great historical importance but in fact it is much more smaller than some of the large streams in Myanmar(Burma). The Singapore River flows from Central Region in the southern part of Singapore before emptying into the ocean. As the Central Area is treated as a central business district, nearly all land surrounding it is commercial. There are about 90 rivers in Singapore and it is the place where Raffles made as the 1st trading port in Singapore. The Singapore River is the most famous river in Singapore.
Of course, the atmosphere is made beautiful as most of the places in Singapore and when come to photography, this is one of the hot spots for every one who love to take photograph.


mae said...

i love this picture

Evy said...

Oh this is a really beautiful photo. Thanks for sharing

Techmagnate said...

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