Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sunset at Sembawang, Singapore

I enjoy nature photography such as sunset, sunrise, landscape and night photography as well. Constantly changing light make interesting and beautiful sky as the sun sinks into the horizon. Taking sunset pictures could be challenging but also very rewarding experience.

I have a large collection of sunset photos, and this is one of them taken at Sembawang Shopping Center or SSC, Singapore. The view was fantastic and it is a rare opportunity to take a sunset photograph in Singapore, I mean in the residential area. Since there are no high rise blockage, you could have a large view of bright blue sky during day and beautiful sunset at evening. If you are interested in taking sunset pictures, but do not want to travel to the tip of Singapore like East Coast or Changi Beach, this place is highly recommended. Of course Changi beach is needless to say much more beautiful than this.

In fact, I was having my dinner at "Astons", which is a local restaurant serving verities of western food and it resemble their motto "Quality & Value for Money". The food was cheap but great. You could get there by simply take their shutter bus from Sembawang train station. On that day, I took three photos there and this is one of them.

Base on my experience, most of the camera's automatic setting for sunset results in a wash-out images. For this particular photo, I deliberately underexposed it by setting the exposure 1/3 down. This produced a far more desirable result with various and deeper colours. The exposure compensation button is normally labelled with a plus and minus symbol.

Hope you enjoy reading my post and your Constructive Comments Make my Photographs Better.

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