Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Singapore Eye Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer at night.

Hope you would enjoy my photo blog especially to day post with tons of images. Let's take a ride our Singapore eye and enjoy the night photography.

Stay tuned!!

I'll give you some tips at the end of this post and every one would love it. :)

Although I have tripod with me while taking these photos, I didn't use it as I am a bit tired and lazy to prepare it. Thus the images are not as good as they supposed to be. :D :)

Taken at the end of the trip, and happen to be the lighting turns to red. I love the color.

In fact, it was cloudy the whole day but fortunately the clouds were cleared at the point of time taking this particular one.

Although some of these images were taken before dark, they are not bright enough as it was a cloudy day.

Tips- before 31st Dec 2009, any student can enjoy the ride with only Sin$10 during week days. Normal price is Sin$30 per head.

I didn't know that there is no specific time to take a ride, meaning, you could ride any time after purchasing a ticket(only 30 minutes). So those who love to take evening skyline photography need not to worry about the timing and weather. You can enjoy the ride any time of the day depend on the weather and your luck.

Well, this would be the last one for this post and hope you love my night photos. Please leave some of your ideas or comments to make my photos better. Many thanks. :)

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I like the first one most :-)