Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sentosa Beach of Singapore 2

The island was renamed “Sentosa” in 1972, which represents peace and tranquility in Malay language visited by five million visitors every year. Sentosa offers several attractions such as museums and other facilities to provide a variety of experiences, recreation and entertainment to visitors.

Some of the attractions are listed down here;

Tiger Sky Tower

The Tiger Sky Tower or Carlsberg Sky Tower is free-standing observation tower on Sentosa. It offers a panoramic view of Sentosa, and the Southern Islands. Those who love panoramic photography will enjoy the ride and will get excellent panoramic view of Singapore.

Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom

It is a landscape garden with over 15,000 live butterflies, representing more than fifty species. The Insect Kingdom houses some 3,000 species of rare insects from around the world. Nature photography will take place here and especially those who love to take detail with macro lens will enjoy this garden.

Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon

Underwater World is located on the western part of Sentosa. It has more than 2,500 marine and fresh-water animals of 250 species from different regions of the world.

Songs of the Sea

It is a show in the sea — boasting spectacular pyrotechnics displays, a live cast and an open-air viewing gallery which can comfortably accommodate 2,500 visitors.

Others attractions are Sentosa 4D Magix, Sentosa CineBlast, Fort Siloso,Musical Fountain and a lot more you can enjoy.


SuKyaw said...

woow !! beautiful evening >> love it :-)

I took this photo from Hort Park. Here is the link :

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S-V-H said...

This is a very nice ambiance in this photo with all that spectacular looking light.

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fufu said...

havent really explore sentosa... just been there once with friends soaking up the sun but the water was dirty ><

PhotoVigor said...

>> Susanne49: Yeah I noticed the font color and now it is changed, thanks for your suggestion. :)as well as your valuable comments.

>> Fu: there is nothing much in Singapore, but they try to make some thing there. So you can't compare with Malaysia :). Any way try to visit there if you happen to be in Singapore again. Thanks for visiting. :D

S-V-H said...

Oh, I see.... you have changed to gray, it's way much better for reading. :)

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lechua said...

wow, never saw this side of Sentosa before... awesome landscape photos u've got here on ur blog!