Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sentosa Beach of Singapore

Sentosa beach is one of the tourist attractions in Singapore.It is famous for its gentle sea breeze, which provide a pleasant environment and its sunset which attract most of the amateur photographers. Probably having the largest shore among beaches in Singapore where visitors can play and enjoy the atmosphere.

No other place is better to take sunset photography in Singapore than Sentosa Beach.


Evy said...

What a beautiful sunset! This is amazing.

S-V-H said...

Sometimes, by pictures like this, where is not to much color information in the picture, I try do change it to Black and White and maybe a sepia tone over and try to work with "levels" or "curves". Often is the the picture much stronger then.

Do you have Photoshop, right? If not, you can download for free PICASA from Google. It's a great tool.Play with first a little bit, until you'll know how to use it. It's easy and it's fun. I'm using that too, sometimes.


PhotoVigor said...

>>Susan: I think I will make it sepia tone with PICASA. :D. thanks for your guidance.

shloke said...

That's a beautiful and stunning sunset shot! Well done!!