Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Australia holiday_Sydney

Lamppost outside the Sydney Olympic stadium. All the light there are powered up by solar cell; you could see the solar panels in the picture.

Sydney Olympic stadium or Stadium Australia, currently known as ANZ Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium located in the Sydney Olympic Park. Sometimes it is referred to simply as the "Olympic Stadium", was completed in March 1999 at a cost of A$690 million to host the 2000 Summer Olympics.
The stadium was originally built to temporarily hold 110,000 spectators, making it the largest Olympic Stadium ever built as well as the largest stadium in Australia. But, for several reasons the actual capacity was reduced to 83,500 for a rectangular field and 81,500 for an oval field (making it the second largest stadium in Australia after the Melbourne Cricket Ground).


Anonymous said...

i like 3rd photos most


Anonymous said...

I like their eco-friendly feature!
We got lots of rain and sunshine in Malaysia, but we do make full use of them. Eg, collect rain water to use as grey water (ie, toilet, general washing, etc); use solar energy to power household appliances, etc. Of course, the initial costs are going to be expensive but these can be offset in the long term.

Re: 4 and Brollies / 4和雨伞 / 4 dan Payung / 4と傘

Thank you. My Malay is getting a bit rusty...
Just trying to force myself to remember it by using it.

Re: Posh Nosh / 高级食品 / Makanan Mewah / ポッシュ・ノッシュ

You know what? Singapore noodles here are very different from those we have in Singapore or Malaysia! They put curry powder in the noodles! Ha ha...