Sunday, March 28, 2010

Australia holiday_Gold coast

The Gold Coast is a city situated in the southeast corner of Queensland, to the south of Brisbane, Australia. Only 78 km (48 mi) from Brisbane and it take nearly 2 hours train ride form Brisbane Central Train Station, to Nerang, a small township. From Nerang to Gold coast is 45 minutes bus ride and the train ticket include the bus ride. Tourism is the biggest industry in the region, directly contributing more than $4.4 billion into the city economy every year and directly accounting for one in four jobs in the city.

Waterfront canal living is a feature of the Gold Coast, and most canal frontage homes have pontoons.Residential canals were first built on the Gold Coast in 1950s and construction continues.Recently constructed canals include Harbour Quays and River-links completed in 2007. There is over 890 km of constructed residential waterfront land within the city that is home to over 80,000 residents, which is a very big number.

Gold coast town area in the afternoon. Most of the tallest residential high rises are seen only at Gold coast in the world.

Waterfront living at Gold coast.

Surfers Paradise is a suburb on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia and only 78 km (48 mi) from Brisbane. It has many high rises and long beach with relatively huge shore.

Main entrance to the beach, Surfers Paradise.


micki said...

I met Gold Coast mayor when I was a teen during his trip to Taiwan. Under his descriptions, Gold Coast was a paradise to me at that time. I am so glad that I get to see this beautiful city again on your post~~

PhotoVigor said...

Hi. Micki
Thank you for coming and your comment.

Anonymous said...

It's one of my favourite places in Australia!
I even had water-skiing there.
It was fun!

I love those clouds in your second photo.

fufu said...

wow the surfers paradise !!! wish i can surf... hohoho

lechua said...

lovely skies and water.... esp like the 2nd photo. what time of the day was that taken? did u visit the theme parks too?

betchai said...

thanks for visiting my blog, you have beautiful images here, the high rises in front of the ocean seemed really great haven for surfers, a surfers' paradise indeed, when you woke up in the morning, you just run to the shore and surf.

PhotoVigor said...


fufu >>
lechua >>
betchai >>

thanks for coming here and greatly appreciate your kind comments. Please do come back again.

Dario Ferrari Photos said...

The second one is really lovely..!

Great photos in your blog!