Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sunset at Singapore Beach, Sentosa.

Sunset at Siloso beach, Sentosa island, Singapore.
Shutter Speed 1/40, F-stop 10.0, ISO 400, Flash Used, Exposure Manual, Focal Length 18.0mm, Image Size-4272 x 2848.

The coastline is marked by three lovely man-made beaches – Siloso Beach, Palawan Beach and Tanjong Beach. It is relatively save to swim around or involve any of water activities such as beach volleyball, beach soccer, cycling, rollerblading and kayaking.

Getting to Sentosa is very fun and joy. The simplest way is by taking train of North-East line and alight at Habour Front Station. From there just straight up to 3rd level of ViVo City shopping mall, transfer to mono-rail, which is S$3(may vary) for return trip.

On the way to the beach, the mono rail will carry you to the very first station, Water Front Station, where you can take beautiful photos at Universal Studio. The next is Ambiah Station where the Merlion (Singapore logo) is there. And the last is Beach Station, where the beautiful Sentosa is awaiting visitors. You can alight and board again and again the mono rail from station to station without any additional fees.

The tram ride is free at the point of writing this post and it run for two directions, one is to Siloso beach and the other route is to the Tanjong beach. After alighting from mono rail, the tram at the right is to Siloso and to the left is to Tanjong beach.

Tanjong Beach


lechua said...

interesting framing for the first photo! the 2nd photos makes a great postcard... hmm but i don't see much sand on the beaches... i do recall artificial sand at Sentosa when i last visited many years back.

fufu said...

wow didnt really explore sentosa island when i was there... guess gotta spend one whole day roaming around if i have chance to do so... hohoho

PhotoVigor said...

Hey, welcome back
Lechua, what else you expect?? I already mentioned man-made beach. :D
This is Singapore, you know..

Yes, Fufu. I believe you need one whole day to explore around. I am thinking to post the whole Sentosa, roaming around, getting there in detail. But you know, a bit lazy. :)

သူရိန်မင်း said...

တိမ္ညိဳမိလႅာ၊ တိမ္ဆူကာႏွင့္ တိမ္ျပာေရာယွက္ မရမ္းစြက္၍ ဖက္၍ေဆးစံု ျခယ္ေသာပံုသို႔ ဆိုသလိုပါပဲ။ သဘာ၀ရဲ့ အလွတရားကို အမိအရ ေဖၚထုတ္ႏိုင္တဲ့ ဓါတ္ပံုဆရာရဲ့ စြမ္းရည္ကိုေတာ့ ေလးစားအားက်မိပါတယ္။

AVCr8teur said...

It is so beautiful there during sunset and during the day.

m said...

the first shot is amazing!

Unknown said...

nice shots.. ^^

Anonymous said...

That's incredible!
Funnily enough, a while ago I came across an article called "10 Best Places to see Sunset in the World", Sentosa was one of them!!!

Re: Spin back to my childhood / 旋转回到我的童年 / Pusing kembali kepada zaman kanak-kanak saya / 私の幼年時代に回帰する

I used "Cloudy" setting and I auto-fixed the pictures.
I didn't change the saturation though. ;-)

PhotoVigor said...

@ သူရိန္
@ mae
@ Scarlet
@ 1ondoncalling

Thanks so much for your time, encouraging comments, and your appreciations on my photos.
Please do come back again.
Cheers.. :)

shloke said...

One word to sum it all up = BEAUTIFUL!!!

Alex Loke

Kishor Kumar said...

nice blog