Monday, April 6, 2015

Sunrise at tea plantation, Cameron highlands, Malaysia.

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I was lucky enough able to capture this beautiful sunrise photo with a sprawling field of tea plantation in the valley at the front of me and range of layered mountains in the far east. This is probably one of my most beautiful sunrise photos which I have been chasing for and taken in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia during my second visit 8 years after the first.

Why I said I was lucky??
We purchased a tour package and this "sunrise tour" was one of the sites included. We were fetched at hotel lobby at 6:30 in the morning by the tour guide and drive up to the view point and reach there at 6:50. Nest cafe and sandwich was prepared for us by our friendly guide over there and we finished them settle down before sunrise which is about 7:02-7:05. There were a few photographers anxiously waiting for the beautiful sunrise. It is about the time starting to see some glimpse of light, a cloud over the hill start to change color and photo shooting went on.

This post is not about the photo shooting, but about the amazing weather condition.

About 8:00 in the morning we started to pack and ready to be back. When I reach my hotel room and I notice the view I am seeing through the window is exactly the same spot we went that morning. So what??? I will take another sunrise photo in the following morning from my hotel room.

The next morning, amazingly, I could not see the mountain range, sunrise, the tea plantation and anything were there. Sound strange?? Because it was a misty morning and I only can see the white cloud. In fact, it was a summer time not suppose to be that cloudy.

So some time it is better follow the local guys.

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Sunrise Seekers said...

Lovely. Summer is almost over. Hardly catch any sunrise but sunset had been pretty last few days...