Monday, December 28, 2009

Singapore Botanical Garden

Welcome again to my photography blog.

I used to photograph, seascape, sunset, sunrise and also love to shoot night mode on architectural sites. But, since that was a raining day, I have no choice but just to try those colorful flowers and orchids with some droplets on.

This particular image was taken at Singapore Botanical Garden. You will see some noise-liked affect at the background if you are that detail, actually it is not. (in fact I can remove it using photo shop, but I am a bit lazy to do it) The real story was I took it from behind the glass panel at "cool house" in Botanical garden Singapore. So there is a glass wall between the orchid and the lens.

Why cool house?? Yes it is damn cold inside the glass house. It is named "cool house" and artificially made cold inside in order for those orchids of cold weather to survive. In fact I have seen these orchids in my home town, which is about 6000 feet above sea level and nothing is new for me except the "cool house".



sukyaw said...

Love your captures. :-)

PhotoVigor said...

Hi..Thank so much for your kind comment and please do come back again.

phola said...

so nice, you got a great shot